Beacon People

Anthony A. Gallo, Chairman and CEO

Anthony is a founding member of Beacon Financial Services LLC and its affiliates and serves as the company Chairman and CEO. Anthony is responsible for aspects of the business as board as strategic growth and as day to day company operations. Expressed broadly, Anthony holds primary responsibility for the continued growth of Beacon and its affiliates in a manner that preserves the commitment to client service and maintains its rich culture.

Prior to joining Beacon, Anthony was employed at several Major Fund Administration organizations which he served in simultaneous roles as Director of Fund Administration, and Director of International Offshore Administration.

Additional previous experience includes CFO of a Domestic and International based Consulting Group, Director of Finance for an International based Group.

Gerard A. Miller, COO

Mr. Gerard A. Miller is a seasoned financial service’s executive with over 35 years’ experience in the financial services industry.  He has been selected for many senior executive positions from being a Partner and Director of Operations at a Broker/Dealer, a Global Head of Operations, Accounting and Systems Development for the Equity Derivatives Desk at an Investment Bank, and the Director of Finance for Global Operations, Systems & Telecommunications at a global Broker/Dealer.  Mr. Miller also consulted and supported a large European Private Bank in globalizing its FX Trading Desks activity along with numerous hedge funds. 

More recently, Mr. Miller has focused his time and energy on the Fund Administration space while working with DPM Mellon as a SVP, Head of Operations at DPM Mellon and as a VP supporting Project management efforts at Citi Hedge Fund Services.

Mr. Miller’s skill sets vary from strategic planning, restructuring process flows, integrating procedures into regulatory compliance, developing and implementing activity based costing, and implementing comprehensive budgets and monthly financial reporting processes.  Mr. Miller is used to working at the “plant floor level” as well as at the senior operating committee level.  His approach is to analyze the issue at hand, develop a methodology that resolves the issue and then educate the decision-maker as to the reason for selecting the appropriate resolution.

Mr. Miller graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and received his MBA in Finance & Accounting from Columbia University.