Beacon Consulting Services


Beacon Consulting Service a professional group of consultants serving the financial management needs of small, medium and large businesses throughout the greater New York metropolitan region and across the country.

BCS was founded in 2010, started as an accounting firm based on the premises that business need high-quality, technical financial management skills to help run their operations, and that business owners want responsive, personnel, proactive attention to their fiscal needs.

Over the years, the firm has grown progressively and steadily to a point that it appears that clients appreciate both the application of our expertise to their business financial matters as well as the way our partners build and maintain close personal contact with them.

Financial and Operational Reconciliation:

For small, medium and large organizations, BCS supplies reconciliation assistance.  Our operational teams will recon to the client prime brokers as well as handle any reconciliation project by portfolio or by strategy. Our financial teams will recon the financial statements to the operational reports, bank reconciliations as well to the client’s administrator.  Additionally, FCG recons all allocations to investors which include all fees charged.

Tax Reconciliation:

Our consultants  delivers a clear picture of the tax ramifications for all of your trading activities. Using trade data from your general ledger system, Our robust modules address wash sales, constructive sales, straddles, section 988 income bifurcation and qualified dividends. We also create the adjustments necessary to produce an accurate K-1. It sits between your portfolio management system and your partnership accounting system to ensure that the K-1s produced by your partnership accounting system are correct.

Advisory Services:

BCS provides multi-primed hedge funds an easy way to implement Treasury best practices without the same human or financial capital investment the large asset managers needed.

Software Consulting

When you need to make a major hardware or software purchase and you want peace of mind our expert staff can evaluate your current situation, interview your staff and prepare detailed needs analysis. If you want to create a corporate training center, we can build your departments from scratch, including staffing and software.

Management Advisory/Business Consulting

BCS consulting staff are highly qualified in Strategic and long range planning, cost reduction and profit improvement plans. We specialize in “What if” analysis, forecasts, budgets and projections ratio and trend analysis expansions, goals and Financial needs assessment. Additional consulting services are state regulations compliance,

Evaluation of financing alternatives, bankruptcy, reorganization, liquidation

Business valuations, merger and acquisitions and lease/purchase analysis.

Audit Advisory

Auditing financial statements provide the highest level of assurance to the reader. Such interested parties are banks, bonding companies and shareholder often require an audit which includes testing transactions, analytical reviews, outside confirmations, physical inspection so assets and analysis of internal controls. FCG advises our clients as to the best auditor for there needs and our consultants will do a review of your audit report.


You are the most important person in our office, and you deserve to have timely and competent attention paid to your affairs. Your work will be handled by those staff members who can give you the service you require at the least possible cost. Our services are intended to complement your ability in your chosen field. Your business and financial problems are given individual, creative attention—tailored to fit your needs. You will find in us a partner who can offer sound business and financial advice and help you cut through the red tape of the business and financial world.


All matters by us are treated with strict confidentiality and the high standards of the accounting professions’ Code of Ethics. No information about your affairs will ever be released to unauthorized persons.


Our fees are based on an hourly basis or could be customized to suit your budget.

Our objective is always to give you as much value as possible for the fee charged. At the initial conference, we discuss the nature of the work to be done for you and the fee arrangement. In addition, we encourage you to discuss fees with us anytime.


Open communication is a vital factor in any good Client-professional relationship. Our goal is to communicate with you in manner that leaves you well-informed and comfortable. Feel free to discuss your needs and objectives with us. Discuss fees and how your work will be handled and ask questions about anything you don’t understand