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We at Beacon Accounting Services understand that our people are our most valuable resource. The education level of our professionals is virtually unequalled among firms our size. Many of our CPAs hold advanced degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, Information Technology or Taxation and are recognized leaders in their fields. Beacon Accounting Services LLC also believes strongly in ongoing education and support continuing education programs to all of its employees

The Sr. Partners and staff are well respected and active in the finance industry. They participate in several committees in the area on a volunteer basis.

On top of the strong educational background, comes unparalleled experience. We believe this is one of the primary qualities companies demand when selecting a financial business advisor. At Beacon Accounting Services, you get the diverse and cumulative expertise of people who have spent many years on both sides of the business. Our team approach to account management and support gives all our clients the full benefit of each professional's specific expertise.

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